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3M™ Clear Polypropylene Film Tape Sheet

3M™ Clear Polypropylene Film Tape Sheet

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  • Scotch® Pouch Tape Sheets 830 is a pre-cut pressure sensitive tape with a sticky border and a printed, non-tack center section. These pouches provide a quick, simple and secure method of attaching and protecting packing lists and other documentation to a wide range of shipping containers.


  • 5” x 6”, pre-cut pressure sensitive pouch tapes with a sticky border and a printed, non-tack center section
  • Designed with printed message: "DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED"
  • No slippery, tricky liners to remove for faster applications and reduced clutter in work areas
  • Individual sheets in transportable pad form provides the flexibility to work from anywhere
  • Strong film backing provides moisture- and abrasion-resistant barrier to withstand the rigors of shipping
  • Aggressive synthetic rubber adhesive provides excellent adhesion to various surfaces and prevents rubbing-off to reduce chance of lost or delayed packages
  • Conformable film backing accommodates bulky and curved shipping parcels and substrates

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» Tape Sheet


» Polypropylene Film


» Clear

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