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3M™ Fastbond™ 2000NF Neutral Liquid 5 Gallon Pail Water Dispersed Contact Adhesive (Without Pour Spout Activator) (1 Per Case)

3M™ Fastbond™ 2000NF Neutral Liquid 5 Gallon Pail Water Dispersed Contact Adhesive (Without Pour Spout Activator) (1 Per Case)

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  • 3M™ 2000NF 5 gal Off-White Pour Spout Activator Adhesive has a fixture time of 2 hrs. It is ideal to use on aluminum, fabric, fiberboard, foam, plastic, plywood, steel and wood and can be operated at a maximum temperature of 160 deg F. Adhesive is a water-dispersed, high solid and high performance bonding solution that provides immediate bonding. Adhesive does not require forced drying that is post-formable and heat resistant. Adhesive has to be stored within a temperature of 60 - 80 deg F and posses a shear strength of 350 PSI, tensile strength of 84 PSI. Adhesive is non-flammable.


  • Immediate bonding without heat
  • Immediate handling strength
  • Bonds flexible polyurethane and latex foams, plastic laminate, wood, plywood, particle board, fabrics, fiber, aluminum, galvanized steel and many plastics
  • Post-formable and heat resistant
  • Co-sprayed with plural component, external mix spray systems – no premixing, no limited pot life
  • Available in blue, light orange or neutral color
  • Not recommended for bonding bare steel surfaces (unless force dried and protected from moisture)
  • Primed or painted steel surfaces must be thoroughly tested for corrosion and compatibility with Fastbond contact adhesive 2000-NF with spray activator #1 before use
  • Designed to be applied between two substrates
  • Application to substrates that results in direct exposure of the adhesive to light may result in eventual discoloration of the exposed adhesive
  • Direct exposure can be controlled by proper spray application
  • Adhesive may soak through very thin fabrics




  • Bonding

Product Attributes

Product Type

» Adhesive, Contact Adhesive

Trade Name

» 2000NF | Fastbond™


» Pail

Size Description

» 5 Gallon

Temperature Rating

» 60 to 80 deg F


» Neutral

Specific Gravity

» 1.1

VOC Content

» 37 g/l


» 200 - 600 cps

Tensile Strength

» 84 psi

Bonding Range

» Up To 2 hr


» Water, Polychloroprene, Glycerol Esters of Rosin Acids, Rosin, Polymer with Phenol, Toluene, Methyl Alcohol, Zinc Oxide, Potassi

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