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3M™ Scotch-Weld™ 2216 Gray Liquid 1 Quart Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive (6 Per Case)

3M™ Scotch-Weld™ 2216 Gray Liquid 1 Quart Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive (6 Per Case)

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  • 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ 2216 Gray Epoxy Adhesive comes in kit and is flexible, two-part, room temperature curing epoxy. It has high peel and sheer strength. It can be used bond rubber, metal, wood, most plastics and masonry products. It gives good performance with shear strength of 3200 PSI and peel strength of 25 PIW.


  • Excellent for bonding many metals, woods, plastics, rubbers, and masonry products
  • Base and Accelerator are contrasting colors
  • Good retention of strength after environmental aging
  • Resistant to extreme shock, vibration, and flexing
  • Excellent for cryogenic bonding applications
  • The tan NS adhesive is non-sag for greater bondline control
  • The translucent can be injected
  • Meets DOD-A-82720
  • Flexible, two-part epoxy adhesive. 2:3 mix ratio, 90 minute work life and handling strength in approximately 10 hours


Meets DOD-A-82720


  • Bonding

Product Attributes

Product Type

» Adhesive, Epoxy Adhesive

Trade Name

» 2216 | Scotch-Weld™


» Kit

Size Description

» 1 Quart

Temperature Rating

» 72 deg F


» Gray


» Pungent (Part A), Very Slight (Part B)

Specific Gravity

» 1.26 (Part A), 1.33 (Part B)

VOC Content

» 1 g/l (Part B), 43 g/l (Part A)


» 40000 - 80000 cps (Part A), 75000 - 150000 cps (Part B)


» 50 - 65 Shore D

Curing Time

» 7 days

Dry Time

» 15 min


» Aliphatic Polymer Diamine, Kaolin, BIS (3-Aminopropyl) Ether of Diethylene Glycol, Toluene, Titanium Dioxide (Part A), Epoxy Resin, Kaolin (Part B)

Flash Point

» 248 deg C

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