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Grobet USA™ 5 1/2" Knife File

Grobet USA™ 5 1/2" Knife File

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Item Details

  • Diamond Needle File, Knife, Medium Grit


  • Engineered to deliver performance unequaled by any other file, for use on ultrahard materials
  • Carbide, hardened steel, exotic metals, ceramics, and glass are no match for these precision files
  • Excellent material removal is the result of a unique process which bonds the 2-1/2" (64mm) long diamond surface. Available in fine grit, medium grit and coarse grit. Overall length is 5-1/2" (14 cm).
  • Grit 120/140

Product Attributes


» Knife

Size Description

» 5 1/2"


» Steel
» Diamond

Abrasive Type

» File

Package Weight

» 0.28275 lb

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