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Klein Tools 16" Silver/Yellow/Black/Red Steel Tool Set

Klein Tools 16" Silver/Yellow/Black/Red Steel Tool Set

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  • Some projects are more complex than others and require a variety of tools to be used. For this reason, Klein has tool kits to assist professionals with these demanding projects. The Klein 80028 28 Piece Electricians Tool has a great assortment of tools for any electrician.


  • 28-Piece Tool Kit with high quality commonly used hand tools for the professional or apprentice
  • Tool Kit includes: 4 types of pliers, 6 screwdrivers, 7 nut drivers, hex key set, torpedo level, crimper/cutting tool, wire stripper/cutter
  • Kit also includes: NCVT with flashlight, GFCI tester, utility knife, tape measure, canvas zipper bag, tool bag backpack, and protective eyewear
  • 39-Pocket Tradesman Pro™ Tool Bag Backpack (Cat. No. 55421BP-14) features a hard, molded front pocket for safety glasses and the Canvas Zipper Bag (Cat. No. 5139) is made of No. 10 canvas
  • 4 Pliers: 8-Inch Heavy-Duty Long Nose Side-Cutters, 9-Inch Pliers with Fish Tape Puller, 8-Inch Diagonal-Cutters with Angled Head, 10-Inch Pump Pliers (Cat. Nos. D203-8, D213-9NETP, D248-8, D502-10)
  • Wire Stripper/Cutter, 10-18 AWG Solid Wire, Crimping/Cutting Tool, 10-22 AWG, and Folding Utility Knife with a sturdy aluminum handle with fold-out blade housing (Cat. Nos. 11045, 105, 44131)
  • 3/16- and 1/4-Inch Slotted Screwdrivers, 5/16-Inch Keystone, #2 Phillips, #2 Square-Recess Tip, Conduit-Fitting and Reaming Screwdriver (Cat. Nos. 601-6, 605-4, 602-6, 603-4, 662, 85191)
  • 7 Nut Drivers: 3/16-, 1/4-, 5/16-, 11/32-, 3/8-, 7/16-, and 1/2-Inch Nut Driver, 3-Inch Hollow Shaft (Cat. Nos. 630-3/16, 630-1/4, 630-5/16, 630-11/32, 630-3/8, 630-7/16, and 630-1/2)
  • Pro Folding Hex Key Set (Cat. No. 70550), Dual Range Non-Contact Voltage Tester with Flashlight (Cat. No. NCVT-3P), GFCI Receptacle Tester (Cat. No. RT210)
  • 25-Foot Tape Measure – Single Hook (Cat. No. 9125), 9-Inch Aluminum Torpedo Level (Cat. No. 935R), and Clear Standard Safety Glasses with low profile narrow lens (Cat. No. 60159)


  • Always wear approved eye protection
  • NOT insulated
  • Do NOT use these tools on or near live electrical circuits
  • Do NOT use screwdrivers to pry or chisel
  • Do NOT open the tape measure case Spring motor is under tension, and opening case may cause injury
  • The tool belt provided in this kit is NOT an occupational protective belt

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» Tool Set

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» 16"


» Steel


» Silver
» Yellow
» Black
» Red

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