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Klein Tools

Klein Tools 8" Yellow/Black/Silver/Red Steel And Leather Tool Set

Klein Tools 8" Yellow/Black/Silver/Red Steel And Leather Tool Set

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  • The Klein Tools 12-Piece Electrician's Tool Set includes a variety of valuable tools for any professional or do-it-yourself electrician. The set includes 4 sets of pliers and 4 popular Cushion-Grip screwdriver sizes. It also comes with a tape measure, wire stripper, and convenient leather pouch and adjustable web belt to hold all of the tools.


  • Perfect tool kit for the professional or apprentice
  • Tool Set includes 7-pocket leather tool pouch (Cat. No. 5166) for your hand tools
  • Adjustable web belt (Cat. No. 5225)
  • #1 Phillips Cushion-Grip screwdriver, 3-Inch (7.6 cm) round-shank (Cat. No. 603-3)
  • #2 Phillips Cushion-Grip screwdriver, 4-Inch (10.2 cm) round-shank (Cat. No. 603-4)
  • 1/4-Inch (6 mm) cabinet-tip Cushion-Grip screwdriver - 4-Inch (10.2 cm) heavy-duty round-shank (Cat. No. 605-4)
  • 1/4-Inch (6 mm) cabinet-tip Cushion-Grip screwdriver - 6-Inch (15.2 cm) heavy-duty round-shank (Cat. No. 605-6)
  • Wire stripper/cutter - 10-18 AWG solid wire (Cat. No. 11045)
  • 8-Inch (20.3 cm) High-leverage diagonal-cutting pliers - angled head (Cat. No. D248-8)
  • 8-Inch (20.3 cm) Heavy-duty long-nose, side-cutting pliers (Cat. No. D203-8)


  • Electricians


  • Always wear approved eye protection
  • NOT insulated NOT intended for protection against electrical shock
  • Do NOT use the tools provided in this kit on or near live electrical circuits
  • The tool belt provided in this kit is NOT an occupational protective belt
  • Do NOT open the tape measure case Spring motor is under tension, and opening case may cause injury

Product Attributes

Product Type

» Tool Set

Size Description

» 8" OAL


» Steel
» Leather


» Yellow
» Black
» Silver
» Red

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