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Nashua® 4" X 60 yd Silver Sereis 359 13 mil Polyethylene Coated Cloth Premium Grade Duct Tape

Nashua® 4" X 60 yd Silver Sereis 359 13 mil Polyethylene Coated Cloth Premium Grade Duct Tape

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  • Nashua® Series 357 Silver 13 mil Premium Duct Tape measuring 4" X 60 yd features rubber adhesive for instant, superior adhesion to various surfaces. Duct tape with polyethylene-coated cloth backing is ideally designed for use in maximum temperature of 200 deg F to offer better performance. Tape is suitable for heating, air conditioning, ventilating, sealing of seams and joints in metal air handling systems and refrigeration applications. Flexible duct tape can be used in bonding, protecting, holding, repairing, patching, asbestos removal and polyethylene hanging applications. It offers clean release without any obstruction and prevents delamination. Curl resistant tape withstands maximum stress by offering superior tensile strength of 50lb/in. It features low volatile organic compound adhesive and superior straight tearing/hanging properties. Tape is verified in accordance with UL723 specifications.


  • Low VOC content
  • Clean release - resists delamination
  • Tears straight, hangs straight, curl resistant
  • Outstanding performance over a wide range of temperatures
  • Preferred by professional contractors who demand a consistent, trouble-free product


  • Tested in conformance with UL 723 Listed


  • Waterproof repairs
  • Heavy-duty packaging and bundling
  • Seaming and securing underlayment materials
  • Plastering
  • Heavy-duty contractor and manufacturing uses
  • Mediablast protection
  • Seaming and sealing for heavy polyethylene sheeting and tarps
  • Bonding
  • Protecting
  • Holding
  • Repairing
  • Patching
  • Asbestos removal and polyethylene hanging

Product Attributes

Product Type

» Duct Tape


» 4"


» 60 yd

Trade Name

» Sereis 359


» Polyethylene Coated Cloth


» Gray


» 13 mil

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