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Weiler Corp.

Weiler® Garage Broom Head With 18" Wood Block And 4" Palmyra Fill

Weiler® Garage Broom Head With 18" Wood Block And 4" Palmyra Fill

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  • Weiler offers a broad array of sizes and types of brushes to meet all applications - from flagged tips that pick up fine dust and dirt to durable fibers that sweep heavy-caked dirt and debris. Fill types include horsehair, synthetic and natural fibers for wet or dry applications. Wood and foam blocks are available in sizes ranging from 14" to 36". Weiler's offering is divided into three categories: Floor brushes, Garage brushes, and Street brooms. Weiler also manufactures specialty brushes include Perma-Sweep™ and Stellar™ Brushes, in easy-to-identify color coding to help users determine the right sweep for the right job. Handles are available in lacquered hardwood, metal and fiberglass materials. Styles include threaded, tapered, telescoping and fountain tube.


  • Dense Fill:
  • Longer brush life
  • More efficient sweeping
  • Two Handle Holes:
  • Allows user to change sweeping direction to prevent the fill material from setting in one direction.
  • Periodically changing sweeping direction increases the life of the brush.
  • Reorder Number Shown on Block
  • Solid Face with Flared Ends:
  • Flared ends allow the brushing material to get into corners without marking or scraping the wall with the block.
  • Prevents a gap in the middle of the brush.
  • Used in garage, scrub, deck and patio brushes. Obtained from the Palmyra Palm grown in Africa and India. Durable, softer and finer in texture than bass, it is light brown in color. Ideal for wet or dry applications.

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